Lettuce Gyoza 
Ron Adams
26/10/23 - 16/11/23

Exhibition Text

The works in Lettuce Gyoza cover the period of 1995-1998, a period when the artist was greatly influenced by the Surrealists,mainly Joan Miro and our own James Gleeson as well as Sigmund Freud, particularly his dream theory and notes on sexuality.

Surrealists sought to channel the unconscious as a means to unlock the power of the
imagination,disdaining rationalism and literary realism. Their impulse to tap the unconscious mind, and their interests in myth and primitivism was a huge influence on Ron’s early works. André Breton defined Surrealism as "psychic automatism in its pure state, by which one proposes to express verbally, by means of the written word, or in any other manner - the actual functioning of thought”.  What Breton is proposing is that artists bypass reason and rationality by accessing their unconscious mind. In practice, these techniques became known as automatism or automatic writing, which allowed artists to forgo conscious thought and embrace chance when creating art. Ron Adams has distilled these influences into his own aesthetic response to automatism and the erotic unconscious.

Ron Adams is  a Sydney/Eora based artist whose work is autobiographical, primarily text based Geometrical Abstraction leaning towards an aesthetic that resembles Concrete Minimalism, Russian Constructivism, Bauhaus and De Stijl. They are influenced by Psychology, Philosophy, Architecture, Pop, Music and Design.  He has shown at UTS Gallery, Dubbo Regional, Blacktown Arts Centre, Rubyayre, Blaugrau, Firstdraft Gallery, Peloton, Kaliman Gallery, Sherman Galleries, James Dorahy Project Space, Sarah Cottier Gallery, MOP Projects, Galeriepompom, Hazelhurst Regional Gallery & Arts Centre, Grace Cossington Smith Gallery and the Museum of Contemporary Art. Nationally he has shown at Bus, Melbourne; Downtown, Adelaide; Inflight, Hobart; TCB, Melbourne and Internationally at Raid Projects, LA; Heble 121, Basel and The Armoury Show, New York. Collections Artbank Australia Sydney Town Hall Collection Wollongong University Private collections Nationally and Internationally.