I Am Damo 
Damian J. Sawyers
28/1/23 - 29/1/23

Room Sheet

Damian J. Sawyers is an experimental musician and artist. Known for his psychedelic style, Damian’s art reflects the complexities and contradictions of the human experience, delving into themes of consciousness, sexuality and the human condition. Growing up Damo was always drawn to the world of music and art and played in the local underground music scene (most notably as a founding member of punk legends warm feelings), quickly developing a passion for experimental and non-conformist genres. Damo’s experimentation with drugs (particularly psychedelics) has heavily influenced his diverse practice in both art and music. Over the past two years he has begun painting full time, and expressed his inner demons through crude primal drawings inspired by ancient cave paintings. His UFO drawings can also be seen on the streets and alleyways of Sydney.