Bruce Reynolds + Genevieve Felix-Reynolds
4/6/2022 - 18/6/22

Artist Bios
Employing sculpture, relief, painting, collage and photography, Bruce Reynolds interrogates the history of design and decoration, from the recent to the archaic. As an Australian practitioner with British and Nigerian heritage, these inquiries are anchored in the migration of ideas and forms through history and geography. Reynolds completed a Doctorate in Visual arts in 2020 and has taught at universities across Australia. He has pursued research in China, Malta, Bangladesh and Rome in order to study cross-cultural exchange via architecture, archeology and art. 

Genevieve Felix Reynolds' collage-like approach to composition allows time, alongside space, to be churned and compressed. Acting as a sort of instinct-driven archivist, she mines databases, museums, digital media and antiques stores for objects and imagery, amassing a personal collection of cultural artefacts - ancient, modernist, handmade, mass-produced, abstract.  Integrated through painting, they highlight the flurry of spatial and temporal experience in the 21st century. Felix Reynolds completed her Masters of Fine Arts in 2021 and has exhibited across Australia and the USA.